Bars and Restaurants

Today Governor Cuomo continued his push for vigilance by local governments in enforcing the proper guidance for patrons and operators of all bars and restaurants when dealing with the State’s social distancing standards.

Additionally the Governor announced that the New York State Police (NYSP) will lead a task force with the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to investigate and shut down establishments not complying with the proper safety standards. Governor Cuomo indicated that the NYSP and the SLA will need to work in conjunction with local officials and police departments to have the best chance of a successful outcome.

Federal Status

Governor Cuomo referenced a discussion from Tuesday he had with President Trump about the possibility of the President sending federal troops into New York City in response to the recent increase in crime. The Governor stated that they had a good conversation on the topic which ended with the President agreeing to speak with the Governor prior to any possible federal intervention.

New York City

The Governor indicated that to help improve New York City’s quality of life there are three areas that need to be improved upon: crime, homelessness and graffiti.

Additionally, Governor Cuomo pointed to the need for people to be able to work remotely as the pandemic has progressed and has caused many businesses to reevaluate how they operate. The ability to work remotely has contributed to a lack of need for commercial space that could become a bigger issue moving forward.

Legislative Session

Both houses of the legislature are wrapping up a weeks’ worth of legislative activity this week, with a number of local and member priority bills passing over the past four days. With the State’s finances continuing to deteriorate, there is the potential for the legislature to return again prior to the November elections. Much of this will be determined by what actions are taken on the federal level to assist financially struggling state and local governments.

New York State COVID-19 Numbers

New York State continues to maintain the lowest number of hospitalizations and deaths since the pandemic began with 706 current total hospitalizations and 13 COVID-19 deaths yesterday.