Policy development can be a daunting task with a seemingly endless number of possibilities. We pride ourselves on having the experience a client is looking for to be able to find the correct focus point at all levels of government as client issues are not limited to just the State Capitol in New York. Local governments, particularly New York City, have their own massive and complex infrastructure of education, healthcare, public transportation, land use, public safety and social services programs, which we can help you untangle.

Medical Marijuana Expansion

Working on behalf of a medical marijuana client in a very challenging and complex political climate, Statewide negotiated with the NYS Department of Health to secure the client’s acquisition of a New York license from an existing licensee.

Ensuring Public Employees get their Fair Share

On behalf of a major labor union, Statewide recently negotiated a successful $1B+ long-term collective bargaining contract with the Cuomo Administration, protecting the jobs and the long-term welfare of over 20,000 State workers.

Elijah’s Law

Following the tragic death of 3-year-old Elijah Silvera who died after going into anaphylactic shock at a daycare in New York City, Statewide worked tirelessly to enact Elijah’s Law. This law now requires daycare centers across the State to enact policies and procedures for the prevention of and emergency response to anaphylaxis. Working with a client that manufactures epinephrine, we donated thousands of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors to New York City to ensure that every daycare center in the city had one on hand.

Helping New York Build Safer

Amended the Construction Safety Act, landmark construction safety legislation that imposes sensible training requirements for all workers to prevent accidents while protecting workers and the public.

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