New York’s political, governmental, and economic landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few decades and technology is responsible for much of that change. Today, New York residents and businesses rely on and utilize mobile devices, digital services, social media, and internet-based platforms for nearly every facet of their everyday lives. Technological advances have created greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased access for nearly everyone in the state. However, legislative and regulatory policy has, for the most part, failed to keep pace with innovation. Policymakers still require a great deal of education on how certain technologies work, their use cases, and the potential to help move New York forward into a more prosperous and equitable future.

The Emerging Technologies and Innovation practice can help navigate your company through these challenges through a combination of regulatory guidance, advocacy, coalition building, and legislative or regulatory reform. Led by Wayne Lair. Jr. and John Olsen, our practice has decades of experience and profound knowledge of these issues and the historical attempts to enact policy addressing them. Wayne and John have been at the forefront of a significant number of legislative battles over the years helping to enact or defeat legislation that has dramatically altered the regulatory environment around the sharing economy, e-commerce, data privacy and security, mobility, digital taxation, digital assets, and content moderation. We welcome the opportunity to represent your interests before all levels of government in New York.

Issue Areas

Legislators continue to struggle with applying existing legal theory to new and disruptive technologies. There exist significant statutory and regulatory challenges at every level of government to operating a business in New York State with respect to issues involving:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency
  • Cloud Computing
  • Content Moderation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Privacy
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Digital Assets
  • Digital Taxation
  • Future of Work
  • IT Procurement
  • Transportation and Micro Mobility

Thought Leadership

The issues the practice covers often require a nuanced approach to legislating and engagement with policymakers. Potential sponsors often lack in-depth knowledge of the subject matter when seeking to regulate new technologies or new approaches to traditional industries. The Practice prides itself on being a resource for policymakers and staff when contemplating new or existing legislation. Further, the practice engages regularly with other stakeholders to educate specific audiences on policy and the legislative process as it pertains to technology and innovation.

Coalition Building

Statewide Public Affairs has built a vast network of professional relationships in its decades of experience. When needed, this network can be utilized to build a diverse group of stakeholders to support the advancement or defeat of legislative or regulatory initiatives. Coalition work requires coordination, communication, and vision and the co-chairs of the practice have a demonstrated track record of leading successful coalition efforts throughout the US.

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