With Executive power at an all-time high, now more than ever clients need someone who can help them manage the regulatory minefields they are bound to come across. Statewide has a long history of working with the Executive and key State agencies as well as the State Legislature to ensure that our clients voices are heard at the highest levels of State government.

Helping Small Businesses Survive

On behalf of a trade association client, Statewide secured the only industry-specific carve out from the State’s increase in the minimum wage, saving the industry millions of dollars. In a politically adverse atmosphere, Statewide was tasked with working very closely with the highest levels of the Cuomo Administration and the Legislature to educate them on the unique circumstances in which the client’s members operate. In doing so, a successful industry carve-out was secured during tense budget negotiations.

Cryptocurrency Licensing

Worked with the NYS Department of Financial Services to establish a regulatory framework approving two new cryptocurrencies, known as “stablecoins,” on behalf of a cryptocurrency client, positioning the client as one of only two companies to legally trade such currency in New York.

Casino Expansion

Statewide recently managed negotiations for the successful $900M acquisition and permitting transfer of a major New York-based casino/VLT operator.

ReCharge NY Allocations

On behalf of an energy intensive manufacturer, Statewide was able to secure one of the largest ReCharge NY subsidies ever awarded by the State, as well as an exemption from a high-cost energy use surcharge.

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