How We Do It

Principal-Client Based

Our firm attracts and retains clients who prefer an exclusive principal-client relationship when managing their complex issues. Unlike other Albany firms, our business model dictates no client should ever be left to junior associates. Firm principals will always be the point of contact with the client and always their representation before government officials.

Old School Fundamentals…

Anyone can tell you what has happened. We work to find out what will happen and why. This critical skill is built through vast experience, institutional knowledge, broad and deep relationships, quality research, intelligence gathering and good old-fashioned shoe leather. These are the basic caveats in how we manage desired outcomes.

…With A New School Twist

COVID-19 didn’t just put a pause on traditional lobbying, it fundamentally altered how we do business. Those who can adapt to this new (and virtual) reality will find themselves better positioned than those who still rely on the old methods of government interaction. Statewide has worked tirelessly over the course of this pandemic to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are heard, and we’ll continue to do so in every manner available to us.

Integrity and Reputation First

At Statewide, we place a fundamental emphasis on maintaining the finest reputation with our State and local public officials, our community and our colleagues. With decades of experience doing business in Albany, we understand the boundaries of interacting with government and the letter of the law. Our firm attracts and retains clients that command the highest standards of integrity and reputation from their contract representatives because their employees, shareholders, members and customers demand it.

We Know New York

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