Vaccine Update

This afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the State would run out of COVID-19 vaccines today. At the State’s current vaccine administration rate of 80,000 shots given per day, the remaining 28,246 that it has on hand will be gone by midday. The State expects to be able to begin administering its next round of the federally provided vaccine distribution of 250,400 additional doses next week. The Governor continues to look to the Biden administration for an increased supply to go with the States 1,200 public and private vaccine distribution points that he indicated could manage 100,000 doses a day.


Governor Cuomo stated that President Biden has plans to provide 100 million doses of the vaccine in his first 100 days in office, which would bump the State’s new allocation to a total of 420,000 doses per week.


NYS Infrastructure Projects

Governor Cuomo showed continued focus on the States readiness to get to work on infrastructure projects as soon as (and even beforehand in some cases) the Federal government finalizes and passes an additional stimulus package. The Governor specifically pointed to the following projects:


New York State COVID-19 Numbers

The statewide positivity rate yesterday was 5.65% with 8,846 hospitalizations, a decrease of 209 people over the previous day. There were 165 COVID-19 deaths in New York State yesterday.