Surrounding States

Governor Cuomo announced that there are now 36 States that are seeing a COVID-19 infection rate increase with three new states being added to the tri-state travel advisory group. With the addition of Delaware, Kansas and Oklahoma, the total number of states in the advisory is now 19.

School Reopening

The Governor announced that he does not plan to make a decision on schools reopening in the fall until the first week in August. He has laid out a time line for that process:

It’s of note that during the questions and answer portion of the press conference the Governor hinted there may not be a statewide standard on school reopening, and used as an example that areas with a lower infection rate/density may be able to have more “in school days”.

Regional Reopening Update

Governor Cuomo announced that the Long Island Region enters phase 4 today. In addition, the Governor stated all malls in regions in phase 4 are eligible to open but only if they meet the following new air filtration standards: 

  • MERV-13 or the highest rating compatible with the system, but no less than MERV-11 rating
  • Ventilation protocols – increased outdoor air, reduced air recirculation, longer system run times and frequent filter checks.

State and County Fairs Canceled

In addition to the State Fair, the Governor has also stated that until further notice all county fairs are canceled as well.

Legislative Session 

According to multiple press reports, the State legislature intends to come back the week of July 20th for a possible four day legislative week.

New York State COVID-19 Numbers

New York State still is maintaining the lowest number of hospitalizations and deaths since the pandemic began with 841 current total hospitalizations and 11 COVID-19 deaths yesterday.