Vaccination Sites

Today, Governor Cuomo announced the State will add 13 additional pop-up vaccination sites that will vaccinate an estimated 3,850 people each week and will be re-established in three weeks to administer second doses.


The new pop-up will be located in the follow regions:

  • New York City – 5
  • Long Island – 1
  • Hudson Valley – 2
  • Capital Region – 1
  • Western New York – 1
  • Finger Lakes – 1
  • Central NY – 1
  • Southern Tier – 1


The Governor also announced the State will work with the federal government to establish four addition vaccination sites located in a socially vulnerable communities in the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and Yonkers. Each will be able to vaccinate 1,000 people per day.


Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment Areas, Summer Camps

Governor Cuomo today announced that effective March 26th, indoor family entertainment centers can reopen at 25% capacity, with safety certain COVID safety protocols. Outdoor amusement parks can reopen on April 9th at 33% capacity. Additionally, summer camps in New York can begin reopening plans this summer that will include testing protocols as long as the infection numbers continue to decline. The full Department of Health guidance is expected next week.


New York City

Vaccinations: Mayor de Blasio today called on the federal government to provide more vaccines noting NYC can administer 500K vaccinations per week if the supply exists.  He also announced new ways to improve the vaccination process. These include:

  • Overhauled for scheduling appointments
  • Handbooks in 10 languages
  • Appointments will take 3-4 minutes each.


Safe Dining: Senior Advisor for Public Health in the Office of the Mayor, Dr. Jay Varma, offered a number of tips to make indoor dining safer.  These include keeping your group small, no one in the group has symptoms, get tested, when dining make sure restaurant is abiding by overcrowding and PPE rules, don’t use self-serve, wear face mask when not eating and when server visits the table, maintain distance from other patrons, and keep track of where you go after you dine and with whom (to help with contact tracing should you contract COVID).


New York State COVID-19 Numbers

The statewide positivity rate yesterday was 3.58%.  There were 6,574 hospitalized individuals yesterday, and over the past week there has been a net decrease of 1,019 patients hospitalized. There were 109 COVID-19 deaths in New York State yesterday.