What We Do

Managing Complex Issues

Assisting clients with complex public sector issues involving the Legislative, regulatory agencies, the budget or those of a political nature is our specialty. We provide accurate, candid and effective advice to help our clients influence perceptions, uphold reputations and build support to achieve desired outcomes. What we do NOT do is sit on the sidelines. We roll up our shirtsleeves, become a part of the team and get to work.

Finding Funding

Of course, to seek and obtain government funding has become more and more difficult. Clients who desire funding have found success with Statewide because our firm has the experience of nearly 50 budget cycles. Statewide’s history of success is based on a vast knowledge of the budget process, where the “pots” of money are, and broad relationships with key officials in state agencies, Division of Budget, the Executive Chamber, Legislative Leadership, as well as the Ways & Means and Finance Committees. Statewide has also become an expert in assisting clients who seek funding through the New York’s Regional Economic Development Councils or other funding through the State’s Consolidated Funding Application (“CFA”).

Procurements Delivered

New York State procurement laws are extraordinarily complex. We specialize in assisting clients educate and shape a government agency’s approach to fulfilling its needs. We have years of experience helping companies manage the RFP and procurement process to best position them for success, all while ensuring full compliance with the State’s extensive procurement lobbying laws.

Concepts to Deliverables

Entrepreneurial concepts requiring partnership with government to achieve success are always challenging. Crafting concepts into “yesable” proposals requires comprehensive assessment, politically sound strategy and tenacity in execution. Our firm understands the decision to petition the government almost always requires the client to assume risk. Our full-service model ensures risk-assuming clients have the highest level of attention, interaction, political access, resources and resolve to deliver their project to success.