New York City

At Statewide Public Affairs, our expertise lies in our understanding and years of experience dealing with a unicameral legislative body and Mayoral Administration whose members and leaders are constantly devising new ways to tackle the challenges of serving a City with over 8 million people. We know the people elected to run this great City and the processes by which they govern, lead and effect change. Whether you run a not-for-profit, small business or a Fortune 500 company, our team can prepare a roadmap and execute a plan to achieve your goals.

The Big Apple is not only a municipality. It is a center for tourism, commerce and international relations recognized and watched around the country and the world. New York City has a unique set of issues, processes and stakeholders. NYC’s dense population requires a massive and complex infrastructure of education, healthcare, public transportation, land use, public safety and social services.

Navigating this complex system of government requires pinpoint precision, fact-based forecasting and creativity – all of which our team at Statewide Public Affairs provides to our clients.

By maintaining strong relationships with key elected officials, staffers and agency personnel, and understanding how an evolving political system effects change, we are able to best serve our clients’ needs and achieve your legislative, regulatory and financial goals.

Veteran New York City lobbyist, Jim Quent heads our New York City practice and he can be contacted by phone at 646-810-4154, or [email protected].