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The Wrap Up – June 12, 2020

Phase 3 Reopening

Five regions in New York State today began Phase 3 of the New York Forward reopening process – the North Country, Finger Lakes, Central New York, Mohawk Valley, and the Southern Tier.  These regions are eligible for restaurants/food service in both indoor and outdoor settings while still adhering to the appropriate industry guidance. In addition, businesses that fall within the “Personal Care” industry such as nail salons and massage parlors will be able to open while following their appropriate industry guidance

Children’s Overnight Camps to Remain Closed

This evening Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker announced that children’s overnight camps would be prohibited from operating this season. This comes after questioning from the press today in which the Governor stated that a decision had not yet been made. Children’s day camps, however, have been permitted to open starting June 29th.

New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative

Governor Cuomo today is issuing a non-COVID Executive Order – the New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative.  This Order requires local police agencies, including the NYPD, to develop a plan that reinvents and modernizes police strategies and programs in their community based on community input.  Each police agency’s reform plan must address policies, procedures, practices and deployment including, but not limited to, use of force.  Police forces must adopt a plan by April 1, 2021 to be eligible for future State funding.  Additional details for this directive can be found in the Governor’s press release, here.

Law Enforcement Reforms

Joined at his press conference by NYS Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and the families of police brutality victims, the Governor today signed into law a package of law enforcement reform legislation (the ‘Say Their Name’ Reform Agenda), including:

  • Repealing 50-a of the NYS Civil Rights Law to increase transparency of law enforcement officers’ disciplinary records;
  • Banning chokeholds by law enforcement officers;
  • Designating the NYS Attorney General as an independent prosecutor for matters relating to the deaths of unarmed civilians caused by law enforcement; and
  • Prohibiting false, race-based 911 reports and making them a crime.

The accompanying press release, with further details, can be found here.

New York State COVID-19 Numbers

Although we are on the far side of the COVID-19 plateau and moving well into the reopening process here in New York State, there were still 42 COVID-19 related deaths yesterday.  While highlighting 23 other states whose COVID-19 rates are surging, the Governor stressed that New Yorkers must remain vigilant to continue the State’s recent progress.

The Wrap Up – June 11, 2020


Today Governor Cuomo announced that five regions are eligible to move on to Phase 3 of the New York Forward reopening process tomorrow:

  • North County
  • Finger Lakes
  • Central NY
  • Mohawk Valley
  • Southern Tier

These regions moving on to Phase 3 will now be eligible for restaurants/food service in both indoor and outdoor settings while still adhering to the appropriate industry guidance. In addition to this, businesses that fall within the “Personal Care” industry such as nail salons and massage parlors will also be able to open while following the appropriate industry guidance

Public Pools and Playgrounds

Governor Cuomo also announced that the state is allowing localities to open public pools and playgrounds beginning today at their discretion, but stressed that they must follow the proper State guidance in doing so.

New York State COVID-19 Numbers

Although, we are on the far side of the COVID-19 plateau and moving well into the reopening process here in New York State there were still 36 COVID-19 related deaths since yesterday.

The Wrap Up – June 10, 2020

The New LaGuardia Airport Terminal

Today Governor Cuomo held his daily press conference in the freshly opened Terminal B Arrival and Departures Hall of LaGuardia Airport. The full project was started in 2015 and with this morning’s opening of the 840,000 square foot terminal, it more than doubled the size or its predecessor. During construction the airport created 14,000 jobs both directly and indirectly and when fully operational and staffed it will employee over 1,500 people.

The Terminal will be home to four different airlines, American, United, Southwest and Air Canada as well as new concessions from NY companies such as Junior’s Cheesecake, F.A.O. Schwarz and Zabar’s.

Continued Reopening

Governor Cuomo reiterated that with New York City now fully in Phase One, New York is back and open for business. To continue to stay open and move all regions forward to the next appropriate phase there will be a sharp focus on the data, more specifically the daily testing results which will be the first indicators of an increased infection rate. In addition to the data, attention would also need to be paid to the task of developing large scale development projects that would in turn help to drive the State’s economic growth.

The Legislature

Both houses passed their expected police reform bills and adjourned this afternoon but without making the typical end of session speeches, it remains unclear whether the legislature will return to take up unfinished legislation from the 2020 regular session. 

New York City

Today, Mayor de Blasio said NYC might open beaches and pools this summer due to the continued reduction in new COVID cases.  The discussions will be ongoing and decision will be made at a later date.  Mayor de Blasio also committed to providing $10M to a community engagement effort that will seek to mediate conflicts as well as combat crime and gun violence. 

New York State COVID-19 Numbers

The Governor unveiled a daily testing results dashboard is now live and showing that yesterday almost 63,000 people were tested across the entire State for COVID-19 with only 674 testing positive.

The Wrap Up – June 9, 2020

Updates on Reopening

New York City yesterday began Phase 1 of New York State’s reopening process.  The Hudson Valley region today began Phase 2, and Long Island has been cleared by data experts to begin Phase 2 tomorrow, June 10th.

Governor Cuomo today announced that New York State is delivering 500,000 cloth masks, as well as 10,000 gallons and 100,000 2-oz. bottles of hand sanitizer to Metro North, to further assist with regional reopening efforts.  The Governor also reminded New Yorkers that masks are mandatory when riding public transportation systems and that New Yorkers should follow all guidelines and protocols when riding.

Phase 3 Industry Guidance Released

The State has released industry guidance for Phase 3 of the reopening process, found here.  NOTE – the Governor has not yet confirmed when Phase 3 will begin. 

New York State COVID-19 Numbers

The Governor today unveiled a daily testing results dashboard to complement the early warning dashboard for New Yorkers and local governments to easily track the COVID-19 daily test results by region and county.  The new dashboard will be made available here.

The Wrap Up – June 8, 2020

Legislative Police Reform Plan

Today New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie held a press conference in Albany and announced the Assembly’s plan to pass a legislative package this week that would “Protect New Yorkers, improve police and community relations, and bring transparency and accountability to the criminal justice system”

Governor Cuomo indicated today during his daily press conference that the legislative package that the Assembly has announced was put together in conjunction with the Senate as well as his own administration. He followed this by stating that “if they pass the bills that we’ve discussed then I will sign the bills, and I will sign them as soon as they’re passed.”

New York City Begins Reopening

Today Governor Cuomo announced that the State will be focusing on New York City with a goal of 35,000 additional tests per day to keep an eye on any possible infection rate spikes due to recent gatherings during protests.

Mayor de Blasio announced that to assist with the ease of reopening of the City as it begins Phase One, that all Alternate Side Parking is canceled across the City until June 21st.   

Property Tax Abatement

Governor Cuomo announced today that to assist with small business relief the State would again authorize local governments to extend the deadline for filing property tax abatement by an additional 30 days, they will now be due on July 15.

New York State COVID-19 Numbers – New Lows Reached

Thankfully, we are now firmly on the far side of the COVID-19 plateau in New York State. This is shown by recent State infection testing data collected over a four-day period from Thursday through Sunday of last week of which 262,864 tests were performed across the state with only 3,666, or 1.39%, being returned as positive over this time period.